Telemedicine Program

Heart South Cardiovascular Group has identified three ways to connect with our patients virtually during the COVID-19 epidemic. Medicare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, and other commercial insurances have changed policies that allow us to connect with you in different ways on a temporary basis. We will be contacting our patients to set this up as needed ahead of your upcoming visit.

Telemedicine is not for all patients and the Heart South Physicians and Nurse Practitioners will review your chart to decide if you are eligible.

All telemedicine patients: A Heart South staff member will call you 10-15 minutes before the physician or nurse practitioner is ready to see you. This will allow the staff member to determine the best way for your telemedicine visit to occur, as well as to help you with the below steps. Please note that Heart South will not be responsible for any data or messaging rates that may apply from your carrier or internet provider.

For patients who have iPhones or iPads

This option does not require any setup, so we can connect with you faster!

  1. Please make sure you do not have unknown numbers blocked on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Make sure your volume is turned on and that your microphone is not muted.
  3. Your provider will FaceTime you at or around your appointment time.

For patients who have laptop or desktop computers with webcams

  1. Your provider’s nurse will email you a link to a website.
  2. Click the link to the website in the email
  3. Enter your name to check-in, and click “Enable Camera”
  4. You may have to change your browser settings to allow the microphone and camera to work on the website. If the website asks, make sure to “allow” the camera and microphone to work.
  5. Make sure your volume is turned on and that your microphone is not muted.
  6. Once you are checked-in, your provider will be able to connect with you when it is your turn