Peripheral vascular disease or peripheral arterial disease involves blockages of arteries outside of the heart. This can include the head, arms, kidneys, legs, etc. Most commonly this involves the legs and causes a multitude of symptoms such as cramping, heaviness or weakness typically with some level of exertion. People can often complain of the legs feeling cold or a discoloration which can also suggest blockages in the legs. These blockages make walking difficult and painful and often times people mistaken this for arthritis.

Here at Heart South our team of nurses, ultrasound techs and physicians can readily and painlessly help to diagnose whether a patient has peripheral vascular disease. This frequently involves arterial Doppler’s and blood pressure measurements which can be done here in our office. Definitive diagnosis involves an arteriogram where we can specifically identify the blockage and then treat with various technologies that remove plaque from the arteries or stent the blockages to provide flow throughout the leg.

At Heart South we have developed our own outpatient based peripheral lab, known as the Heart South Vascular Institue where these procedures can be done safely and efficiently in a calm and professional environment with same-day discharge. If you feel you may have peripheral vascular disease, please discuss your symptoms with your doctor so that the appropriate testing and diagnosis can be made.