Hosakote Nagaraj


A little about me:

I am a down to earth – God fearing – faith believing human with God given skills to help save human lives.

I have a wife who takes care of my kids when I spend most of my time with patient care and she is the love of my life. I am blessed with 2 princesses, one in college and another in high-school

My wife and I were avid runners and my wife still is.


August 2013 – January 2018 Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology
Division of Cardiovascular Disease
Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI
 July 2006 – June 2011 Fellowship, Non-Invasive Imaging, Cardiac MRI/CT
Fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease
University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama
July 2000 – December 2001 Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine
Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY
July 1997 – June 2000 Internal Medicine Residency, Department of Medicine
SUNY Downstate Medical Center New York
Degree Conferred: MD Birmingham, Alabama
June 1994 – June 1997 Internal Medicine Residency, Department of Medicine
GSVM Medical College Kanpur, India
Degree Conferred: MD – Internal Medicine


 2013 ABIM, 2000 Internal Medicine- Recertified
2012 Board Certified in Interventional Cardiology
2011 Board Certified in Cardiology
Board Certified in Echocardiography
2010 Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology
2006 Board Certified ABIM Critical Care Medicine

Specific Skills/Medical Interests

  • Coronary and Peripheral Interventions
  • TMV Repair using MITRACLIP
  • Structural Heart Procedures including:
  • Percutaneous closure and Hybrid approach closure of Perivalve leaks-mechanical / Bioprosthetic –both mitral and aortic
  • Percutaneous closure of coronary fistula, Pulmonary AV fistula
  • Percutaneous closure of Adult ASD / PFO / PDA
  • Percutaneous Valvuloplasty of native and bioprosthetic MV and Pulmonic valve
  • Mitral Valve in Valve via transeptal approach
  • TMVR of native Calcified MV via Transeptal approach


American College of Cardiology (ACC)


Finalist, Young Investigator Award. Award Jointly Sponsored by AHA-North American Society of Cardiac Imaging (NASCI) at 36th annual meeting Oct 2008 at Scottsdale AZ.

Recipient of 2007 Benigno Soto Cardio-Pulmonary Imaging Research Award (Award Jointly Sponsored by Division of Cardiovascular Disease, Department of Medicine and Department of Radiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Award- Second Place for the Research Poster at the Annual AL State Chapter Meeting of American College of Cardiology 2007

Recipient of Thomas Iberti Award for excellence in Clinical Research from the Division of Critical Care Medicine -Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York in June 2006

Nominated for Intern of the Year -at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York in 1998

Gold Medalist at annual national conference of Association of Physicians of India in 1996

WINNER at the Annual State Conference of Indian
Psychiatric Society- for the Second position in Quiz for Medical Students from all over the state in 1991

WINNER, at the Annual Regional Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics- in Pediatrics Quiz for Medical students from 3 states in 1991



  1. Effect of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy on QT dispersion in patients with End Stage Renal Disease and Diabetes Mellitus.
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  1. Clinical Impact of Goal-Directed Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) Performed by Non-Cardiologist Intensivists in PostOperative Management of Orthotopic Liver Transplant Recipients.
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  1. Feasibility and Clinical Utility of Goal-Directed Transthoracic Echocardiography Performed by Non-Cardiologist Intensivists Using a Small Hand Carried Device in Critically Ill Patients- A Pilot Study
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  1. Determining Exercise Induced Blood Flow Reserve in Lower Extremities Using
    PC- MRI
    Hosakote Nagaraj, Amol Pednekar, Himanshu Gupta, Steven Lloyd
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  1. A dual propagation contours technique for semi-automated assessment of systolic and diastolic cardiac function by CMR.
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Abstract presented as Finalist, Young Investigator Award. Award Jointly Sponsored by AHA-North American Society of Cardiac Imaging at 36th annual meeting at Scottsdale AZ Oct 11-14th 2008

  1. Effect of Intra Thoracic Pressure during Breath Hold Techniques on Blood Flow Quantification using Velocity Encoded Cine MRI
    Hosakote Nagaraj Himanshu Gupta, Satinder Singh, Cecilia Corros, Hrudaya Nath, Steven Lloyd

Abstract presented as Poster at Annual Scientific Session of American College of Cardiology at New Orleans, LA in March 2007

  1. Feasibility of PC-MRI to quantify Blood Flow Reserve in Lower Extremities
    Hosakote Nagaraj, Cecilia Corros, Himanshu Gupta, Steven Lloyd

Abstract presented as Poster at Annual Scientific Session of American Heart Association at Orlando, FL in November 2007

  1. Effect of Volume Overload on Left Ventricular Torsion and Extra Cellular Matrix
    Hosakote Nagaraj, Cecilia Corros, Thomas S. Denney; David Calhoun, Steven Lloyd, Gilbert Zoghbi, , GilbertPerry, Louis  Dell’ Italia, Himanshu Gupta

Abstracts Presented at Annual Scientific session of Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2007

  1. Feasibility of PC-MRI to quantify Blood Flow Reserve in Lower Extremities
    Hosakote Nagaraj, Cecilia Corros, Himanshu Gupta, Steven Lloyd
  1. Does Mitral Regurgitation cause Left Ventricular Dyssynchrony?
    Hosakote Nagaraj, Thomas S. Denney, Jr., Steven G. Lloyd,
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Relation Between Left Atrial and Right Ventricle Volumes, and
Regurgitant volume in Mitral Regurgitation by cine MRI
Cecilia Corros, Louis J Dell’ Italia, Himanshu Gupta,


  1. Assessment of semi-automated cardiac time volume curves and comparison with cine myocardial deformation analysis (cMDA) derived diastolic cardiac indices in pressure and volume overload conditions
    Himanshu Gupta, Wei Feng, Hosakote M Nagaraj, Louis J Dell’italia, Thomas S Denney Jr., Steven G Lloyd


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