PULSE – Jan. 8

Monday- Stair Step Monday  

Don’t get over zealous to get to the top!  Take your time moving upward!  2018 is one step at a time upward!


Tuesday- Healthy Recipe  

Strawberries and blueberries have important nutrients that have even been shown to reduce women’s risk of heart attack. However, it’s important to remember that these are not silver bullets and other healthy habits are important for boosting energy including a healthy weight and exercising regularly.

Try adding yogurt, greek yogurt or granola.  Perfect way to satisfy your hunger and stay healthy.


Wednesday- Walking Wednesday

Walking but get board?  Trying a set headset or earphones to listing to music to help pass the time.  


Thursday- Thirsty Thursday

Drinking water may not come easy to you but your body needs it!  This is a great way to get your water in.  Once you start, your body will start to crave it!  


Friday- Health Tip  Snacking

“Learn to listen to your body and let yourself get truly hungry so you can understand what hunger actually feels like,” says Dr. Janet Brill, nutrition expert and author of Cholesterol Down and Prevent a Second Heart Attack.Hunger is often a deceptive reaction triggered by external factors—like emotions—often leading us to eat when we’re not really hungry. “People, especially women, emotionally eat—they eat because they are angry, bored, tired,” Brill said. “That is emotional eating and that is why so many people are overweight, which increases your risk for heart disease.”

Before you bite, start with a glass of water and revaluate where your hunger pains are coming from. If water did the trick and you feel your hunger receding, wait an hour or two before making your way back to the kitchen. Still hungry? Grab a heart-healthy snack like an apple or fresh veggies dipped in hummus.

The beat goes on!