Philips Brilliance CT 64-Slice scanner

“We knew all the factors that can lead to heart disease; we didn’t know that a simple CT scan help determine if we were at risk.”

These are the facts: more than a third of all Americans who have a heart attack show no symptoms. Almost half of all heart attacks occur in people under 65 and half of all heart attacks present as sudden death. But now there is an easy new way to determine if you are at risk.

With unprecedented speed and outstanding image quality, our new Philips Brilliance CT 64-slice scanner can help evaluate your risk for coronary disease and vascular disease.It could be a life-saver for you or someone you care about.

This advanced X-ray technique allows your doctor to quickly view your heart and vascular system in extraordinarily fine detail.This information helps doctors diagnose a wide variety of conditions earlier and faster than ever before and, in many cases, more economically than they could achieve with other tests or invasive techniques.

Talk to your doctor about this latest technology being offered to patients. At Heart South, patients receive comprehensive, personalized care of the highest quality; identified by being the first private cardiology practice in Central Alabama to offer 64-slice CT services.

For more information on CT services, contact our Shelby office location at 205-663-5775.