Heart South Connections

“Chronic diseases are defined as medical conditions that last one year or more and require medical attention or limit activities of daily living”. Although these conditions are a natural part of aging, they are also the “leading cause of death, disability, and are¬†responsible for 86% of healthcare spending in the United States”

If you have Medicare and two or more ongoing medical conditions, you are eligible for Heart South Connections program. Our practice would like to invite you to sign-up for these services so that we can partner together to manage your healthcare more efficiently. Our care team can monitor your health more closely and provide you with a higher level of care.

Benefits include:

  • A customized care plan to assist in meeting your specific health goals
  • In-between visit check-ins
  • Assistance with medication management & other care coordination
  • Direct access to our care team

Call (205) 663-5775 to see if you are eligible to join! Let Heart South help you take control of your life.